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D 6.5mm (264) Hornady Neck Die

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D 6.5mm (264) Hornady Neck Die Eliminate problems of excessive head space, and align the bullet perfectly with the bore
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D 6.5mm (264) Hornady Neck Die

Hornady's neck sizing bottleneck cartridge dies Extend case life and improve consistency between shots by working as little of the brass as possible, allowing you to have fire-formed brass that fits your rifle perfectly, for a truly custom cartridge. Neck sizing dies resize only the neck dimensions of the brass, in order to seat and retain bullets properly. Neck sizing increases consistency, improves head spacing, and extends brass life by leaving the brass fireformed to fit only the rifle that it came from. Neck sized cartridges should only be fired in the same manually operated firearm (Bolt action rifles, typically) that fire formed it, and should not be used in semi automatic firearms, as they require full length resizing in order to function.

Specifications and Features:
Hand Polished Interior is guaranteed not to scratch brass
Threaded replaceable Expander assembly
Elliptical expander reduces case neck friction and stretching, as well as easing the process of necking up brass
Hardened steel decapping pin will not bend, crack or break, even when depriming cases with crimped primer pockets.
Sure-Loc Lock rings with wrench flats lock the dies into position with locking screws that never contact the threads

Neck Sizing Die
Sure-Loc rings with wrench flats
Allen key for Sure-Loc rings
Die Box

Eliminate problems of excessive head space, and align the bullet perfectly with the bore, resulting in better accuracy and longer case life. Should only be used for bolt-action rifle cases.

• 6.5 JAP
• 6.5 JDJ
• 6.5 Mann / Sch.
• 6.5 x 55 / Scan.
• 260 Remington
• 6.5 Creedmoor
• 6.5 x 57
• 6.5 / 284
• 6.5 / 06
• 6.5 Remington Mag
• 264 Win Mag
• 6.5 x 68
• 6.5 Carcano


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