Shipping Policy


Delivery will be door-to-door or counter to counter depending on your shipping choice, packages are generally dispatched within 1 working day after receipt of payment. Parcels are shipped via The Courier Guy or Postnet with tracking and drop-off signature. We will provide you with an Invoice to track your package online. In some cases, we may change the courier if the selected does not deliver in your area. The aforementioned, does not include regulated goods such as firearms, ammunition, propellant, primers, or any other regulated items. In such cases the client will be responsible to collect from our licensed premises at their own cost, arrange their own REGULATED GOODS Courier to collect the Regulated Goods or select the REGULATED COURIER option during the checkout process. In the case of firearms purchased the Application documents will be shipped via normal courier.

The firearm will be shipped via Regulated Courier at the Customers additional Expense and request once satisfactory evidence has been provided in the form of a firearm license.

Corner of Thabo Mbeki & Nelson Mandela Drive

Terms that apply specifically to delivery and storage of firearms, purchased online: 

Storage in our safe is extremely limited and it is therefore imperative that you apply for your firearm license with haste. Provided that your SAPS documentation is in order competency & licensing both take approximately 12 weeks or more, each.

You hereby indemnify us of any damage incurred due to delays in the application procedure, directly caused by the South African Police Central Firearms Registry (CFR).

CFR delays, errors or backlogs are not grounds for the cancellation of sale and will be an attempted repudiation on your part.

Competency & Licensing remains your sole responsibility to complete as soon as possible.

You acknowledge that you received the following documents: Saps271, Saps350a, Sabs350b, Saps Annexure “A”. Re-Issuing of Application documents will be charged at a price of R250-00. This is Strictly COD.

We will store your purchased firearm free of charge for six calendar months. Should your application take longer than 6 calendar months, we will charge you a cost of R100.00 per month (calculated on a daily basis) for storage.

Any amount due on storage fees will need to be settled in full before your firearm will be released to you.

Should you wish to repudiate the sale, after you have received the Application Documents, you agree to a 50% Handling charge for our reasonable damage suffered, in this instance funds will be transferred or refunded within 7 (seven ) working days.

Should your application for a license be rejected, we would encourage you to reapply. Should your second application be rejected we will be willing, to sell the firearm on your behalf, we will then retain a 25% Commission on the sale price, and the balance will be refunded to you within 7 working days from the date the New Buyer signs the firearm out of our Firearm Register with a valid Firearm Licence.

The application documents or a Sworn Statement signed by a Commissioner of Oaths, stating that you have not yet applied for the licensing of the firearm and that you do not intend to do so in the future, must be returned to us before your repudiation of the sale will be accepted.

If your firearm is still unclaimed with us after 24 Calendar months, we will sell the firearm to offset our storage costs. After the storage costs have been recovered, the remaining amount (if any) will be returned to you.

You acknowledge and agree that Novel Idea Trading 88 CC, nor its owners or employees, will not be held liable for any loss or damage which may be sustained, occasioned by or arising out of the said storage and you the undersigned, hereby indemnify Novel Idea Trading 88 CC, its owners and employees, and hold them harmless in respect of any such loss.

Novel Idea Trading 88 CC and its owners do not hold any insurance for sold goods stored on Novel Idea Trading 88 CC’s premises.

As Novel Idea Trading 88 CC provides retail services only, you agree that you are buying the firearm “Voetstoots”. Novel Idea Trading 88 CC does not test the product and therefore provide no guarantees, warrantees or any assurance of any form on the firearm. Should there be ANY defect on the firearm Novel Idea Trading 88 CC will assist you as far as reasonably possible in resolving the matter. However Novel Idea Trading 88 CC does not accept any responsibility for the firearm. 

Shipping fees for Non Regulated Products:

Include handling and packing fees as well as courier charge. These fees are calculated based on the average shipping cost as calculated by The Courier Guy Shipping Module or a flat rate Postnet counter to counter fee for products below 5Kg nationwide. We advise you to group your items in one order, as shipping fees are per order. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.


Should you receive your parcel in a damaged state, please contact us immediately. We strongly advise that you open the parcel in the presence of the courier's representative and take photos of the damaged parcel (packaging and products) to assist with resolving the issue. We will never ship broken items and/or damaged packaging.


All parcels will be shipped according to the customers selection on the Shipping Module when possible. Delivery will differ depending on the courier option selected.



Delivery times may vary and cannot be guaranteed as our Physical location is considered as an outlying area.


Late Delivery


The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 ("ECT Act") entitles you to cancel your purchase within 7 days’ notice if the products you have purchased are not delivered within the agreed delivery period as specified in our Shipping Policy above. The product(s) in question must be returned to us in their original state. The parcel should be properly packaged, insured, and couriered back to us. Return courier will be for your own account. Any such cancellation must be done by in writing to Once received and inspected, we will refund you the value of your purchase. Please note that courier is non-refundable.