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CZ 75 Shadow 2 Orange 9mm P

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NOT TO BE SHIPPED CZ 75 Shadow 2 Orange 9mm P The new queen of the IPSC Production Division and the most accurate and
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 CZ 75 Shadow 2 Orange 9mm P

The new queen of the IPSC Production Division and the most accurate and fastest pistol of its category in the world

The CZ SHADOW 2 family represents a new level of first-rate large-capacity all-steel pistols for modern dynamic sport shooting disciplines. These models enable good shooters to give excellent performance and the best to triumph at the most prestigious IPSC competitions. Moreover, they also make good weapons for personal defence.

With their design, these elegant and absolutely reliable pistols follow in the footsteps of the CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW which ruled the IPSC Production Division for a decade and which the CZ SHADOW 2 series has surpassed in all the key parameters.

The challenging mission of creating such outstanding models has been accomplished thanks to close collaboration with the elite CZ Shooting Team members and the use of latest advanced manufacturing processes and technologies. The slide and frame of the CZ SHADOW 2 pistols have been radically modernized which, together with the extended barrel, enables faster and more accurate shooting. The trigger mechanism has been finely tuned to achieve smoother trigger travel and shortened reset. The shape of the frame and pistol grip has been designed to enable as comfortable and secure a grip as possible, while the prominent checkering provides an absolutely reliable contact of the shooting hand with the pistol in all circumstances.

The exclusive quality and exceptional accuracy of the CZ SHADOW 2 series is further enhanced by precision manufacturing on robotic machining centres without any manual involvement. The surface finish of these pistols inspired by the service models guarantees extreme resistance to corrosion, adverse weather and mechanical damage.

The special surface treatment of the barrel, slide and frame of the firearm provides resistance to mechanical damage, thus increasing the service life of the weapon. At the same time, it provides resistance to weather effects.

Hundreds of sharp protrusions on the front of the grip provide perfect stability of the firearm in the hand. The firearm does not slip in the hand when firing or when abruptly changing the lateral direction.

Smooth trigger movement and shortened reset are essential for achieving the best shooting results.

Duralumin, as an aluminium alloy, is a lightweight yet very durable material. Duralumin grips provide stability for the firmest and most consistent grasp of the sports firearm.

Fast reloading in a shooting stage must be absolutely intuitive. With an adjustable finger piece, every user finds the position that suits them most, thereby speeding up the reloading process.

The optic fibre in the sight collects light from the environment and concentrates it into its cross-section. It shines brightly compared to surrounding objects, improves and especially accelerates the aiming orientation and significantly reduces the time needed to aim.

Adjustments of the frame under the beavertail for the deepest grasp improve the firing behaviour of the firearm and reduce the lift of the firearm caused by firing.

Longer sight base in conjunction with height- and side-adjustable robust rear sight and fibre-optic front sight increase the accuracy of the firearm as a whole.

The most demanding, most precise and most expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore directs the flow of fibres, which affects the accuracy and service life of the barrel. Shooting accuracy is also increased by the extended barrel compared to the basic model.



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